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Dwell Well

We Help Seniors and Their Families Get The Confidence, Clarity, and Peace of Mind to Find Their Next Ideal Living Situation

We take a complete 360 degree view of your lifestyle, dreams and practical considerations to create the                                                       of services to help
you know what to do next.

perfect combination

Are the reasons to make a housing change

piling up?

Whether it's a graduation, marriage, birth of a child or a first home purchase, there is usually a mix of fear and excitement. Perhaps that's how we know they are pivitol moments in life.

This phase can feel like that, too.

We can help alleviate the uncertainty and anxiety by helping you find options that truly work for your lifestyle, budget, mobility, and location needs.

We know the questions to ask and we have the team to provide the answers.

We understand change can feel difficult, but there is

good news.

There is a saying that "you don't have to wait until the elevator reaches the basement floor to get off"

Our clients come to understand the power of their own agency and with a little help, make proactive decisions rather than reactive ones.

Some of the siges it may be time for us to talk include:

  • Physical independance & mobility Issues
  • Home maintenance & repairs are piling up
  • Calls to the family for assistance are increasing
  • Social life is slowing down
  • Children have moved away (empty nest)

Meet Regan

Talk with Regan

Regan Van Kerckhove is a veteran professional real estate agent and Certified Senior Housing Professional. 

She was inspired to creat Dwell when she experienced first-hand the uncertainty, confusion, and frustration that comes with helping a parent navigate housing options and how to deal with all the "stuff". 

She realized there are many families in her community experiencing similar challenges and making the inevitable process of change harder than it has to be.

She is passionate to share the processes she has developed and lessons she has learned so that the next chapters of life can be met with joy, confidence and enthusiasm.

Get The Confidence, Clarity, and Peace of Mind That Comes With Knowing What To Do Next

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